We left for the Capitol Building Tuesday morning at 9:30.  The drive to the Capitol was twenty minutes, in slow traffic.  I had a million thoughts in mind; what if it rains; what if we get in a traffic jam, do we have our music; will our truck and trailer get to park close; did I pack my baton?  Only we bandleader types have such thoughts!  No problem, we parked near our assigned area, the Lower West Steps, and our truck and trailer did get to drive down the sidewalk to unload.  Jim Pell, my son John Philip, and I taxied to the Capitol the day before to survey the situation, showed the police chief the letter and got our bearings.
  Our truck driver, Rich Curtis, whose friend Lisa Goff is one of our saxophone players, said the Capitol police used mirrors on poles to search under his vehicle and the contents were gone over by the bomb-sniffing dogs.  Rich ask if he could take a photo of the dogs at work and was politely told no.
  Our musicians and friends of the band were great in setting up for the concerts.  At the Capitol Building, we were actually on a huge plaza between the steps leading up to the House and Senate sides of the building. The Dome was just behind the musicians and they faced the National Mall.  What a tremendous sight!  I can't imagine us ever playing in a more prestigious location.  I aligned my podium with the Washington Monument, General Grant's statue and the statue on top of the Dome.  Ed Pease later told us this was where Sousa himself and the Marine Band sat over 100 years ago.  I can imagine the meticulous Mr. Sousa counting off marble blocks, as I did, to make sure he too, had a "Kodak" moment.



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