We played before a great number of people from all over the world in the two hours we spent at the Capitol.  I know for sure that there is video of us in homes in Chile, Israel and Japan, just to name a few.  Lots of people had their photo taken by our band flags and with the old director, himself.  People everywhere know the music of John Philip Sousa and it was greatly appreciated by our audiences.
  Bandsman Ralph Stewart prepared beautiful band programs which listed personnel, musical selections and brief histories of both bands. 

Our friends and relatives handed them out to people from all over the nation and the world.  Ralph also designed the distinct Capitol Building emblem which adorned our musicians' red, white and blue caps.
  Our fine Congressman Ed Pease, looking most dignified in his black suit and Congressional member's badge, broke away from work towards the end of our concert.  I handed him the baton and he guest-conducted part of "The Stars and Stripes Forever".  He did all right.  Ed spent time with our entourage and posed for pictures.  After the concert, he took us to the East Steps of the Capitol and took a group photo.  His assistants, Brian Kerns, David Clark and Greg Good were also present.



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