That evening, Ed gave us a personal tour of the Capitol Building lasting nearly two hours; however, the time went  quickly because Ed was so interesting.
  Ed pointed out a blood stain on the steps inside where two members of Congress had an altercation nearly 150 years ago.
  Our next visit was a beautiful public sitting room where Congressmen meet with their constituents.  Here, our

Congressman explained the workings of government.
  Next, a special treat as we saw the Speaker of the House's private conference room.  Newt Gingrich was just behind the door in his private office.  As we looked at Mr. Gingrich's trappings which included a skull of a tyrannosaurus rex, trombonist Jim Stout looked up and saw the Speaker himself exit his office and scurry down the hallway.  Several others got a glimpse of our third highest ranking leader.
  Ed took us to Statuary Hall where each state has two statues of its most famous citizens.  Ours are Governor Oliver Morton and General Lew Wallace.  Ed demonstrated the spot on the floor where the slightest whisper can be heard across the room.  This was why John Quincy Adams always knew what the opposition party had going.  Ed took us into the Rotunda.  It is actually two domes; one placed over the other.  Before we left, our gracious host signed autographs and posed with nearly every musician's family for photographs.  After our fantastic tour, we boarded the buses back to the hotel.  I am told, several members did take an excursion to sample some of the night life at locales such as the famous Bullfeathers.



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