Tuesday morning, on to the Lincoln Memorial!  Here, we had an audience of thousands, and a slightly cooler day with a high of 90.  The band assembled on the middle tier between the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool.  Like the Capitol, it was a choice location; very much a postcard setting.  The band faced the National Mall and Reflecting Pool as I faced the huge lifelike statue of Abraham Lincoln.

  We were told not to face the band toward the Lincoln Memorial because of the echo.  Again, like at the Capitol, we featured Sousa's music, marches by Fred Jewell and many patriotic favorites.  The band was extremely well received again with lots of pictures taken and video cameras taping.  We had several people come by who had Clay County ties.  One of them was Ranger Dick Froderman who played in our band during the 1980s.  One of our bass trombonists, Kirk Frederick, let Dick play his horn on a march.
  A jogger was talking with me just before the concert and then we realized he used to play in our band about 15 years ago while in college at ISU.  His name is David Bruner and he is now a National Guard bandleader in Maryland.  Dave guest conducted "The Washington Post" in his jogging outfit! 



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