Director Matt Huber booked our playing site through Wisconsin Dells event coordinator Michelle Zuelke. Michelle was great to work with and selected us a playing site which had high traffic; the Eddy Street Performance Venue. This was located on the corner of Broadway, the main street through downtown Dells, and Eddy Street. Michelle also supplied us with chairs and music stands.


             As was the unfortunate luck of the band season in June, it clouded up and broke into a heavy storm just two hours before our first performance on Thursday evening the 10th of July.  All eyes were on the local weather channel as the weatherman painted a bleak evening. Matt paced back and forth at the inn and then noticed a thin aura of pink light on the horizon. Could it be.............the end of the storm?


             He and Melanie put T. J. Sneddon in charge of keeping the musicians informed as the Huber’s rushed on over to the playing site which was less than a mile away. By the time they got there, the rain was nearly over and the pink sky was becoming ever so brighter.

Thank goodness for the age of cell phones! T.J. was buzzed and within ten minutes our band was setting up chairs and enjoying much improved spirits.


             Mini grandstands were in place, but needed turned around as we chose to set up under an awning in two long rows in case the rain made a counter attack. The caricature-drawing artist must have been in charge of that corner. He knew how to turn the grandstands around and with the help of the manly members of our band a 180o turn was finalized.

             Our Thursday and Friday night concerts went very well. We played a two-hour concert each night and varied the program each time. The march which drew the most enthusiasm each night was "On Wisconsin!". The Brazil Concert Band always strives to play local music during our trips around the nation. We also regaled the crowd with German waltzes and polkas. Wisconsin has the largest population of people with German background in the United States.

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Jack Malone, Janelle Huber, Steve Garlits, and Steve Steppe playing “#1” out of the German band book. (Or was it #3?)

The rain broke just in time!