It appears the Original Wisconsin Dells Ducks were the most popular attraction. There are three companies which operate the World War II era amphibious vehicles (ducks) but our friend Alexa has always steered us to the "Original" Ducks. They are indeed, "ducky", and take the riders through the fantastic Wisconsin woods and hills and then plunge into the Wisconsin River for a journey through strange rock formations such as the “grand piano.” We all had seen the new Indiana Jones movie and were in hopes that we would not descend over any waterfalls.

The “grand piano” on end

             In June, the entire Midwest was hit hard with horrid floods. In fact, we had to cancel a concert at Forest Park due to so many roads being closed. Lake Delton, a huge lake at the Dells, blew out due to extreme flooding at the same time. We all saw homes floating down the Wisconsin River on television. Our Duck pilot took us by the area, the length of a football field, where the lake burst through the earthen walls. It took only two hours for this lake to drain: an area much bigger in size than Brazil, Indiana. So much for the Tommy Bartlett water shows for awhile.

Lake Delton breached

             On Thursday, we rode the Ducks with the Sneddon family, T. J., Susan and grandchildren Ashton, Chris and David, and also Steve and Sherri Garlits and Sherri's daughter Adrienne of California, so we practically had a duck to ourselves. Susan and David were not too fond of the duck at first but soon changed their minds and enjoyed the trip.

             After the Ducks, the Garlits's and Huber’s took a shuttle duck downtown to the marina and boarded a jet boat for a wild ride on the Upper Dells, which turned into a wet t-shirt contest for the ladies of our party. The pilot, a schoolteacher, did lots of fast stops and starts, 180o spins and 360o spins. He also took us up close to the rock formations into cozy coves surrounded by pine trees. This tour, like the Ducks, took an hour.

Matt, Alexa, Steve & Sherri Garlits

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Janelle Huber and Steven Chun check out the Duck.