A favorite souvenir for the entire band appeared to be Wisconsin cheese from the Market Square.


             Among the former members of the Brazil Concert Band who came to perform were Phil Zent and Page Curry.


             The following musicians performed superbly on the Eddy Street Entertainment Venue in Wisconsin Dells July 10th and 11th, 2008:


Janelle Huber, Brook Steppe, Jean Penry, Marcia Boswell, Julie Dugger, Page Curry, Alice Greenburg, Jack Malone, Bill Morthland, John Penry, Elise Pratt, Joyce Stone, Heidi Ellison, Diana Joslin, Matt Balensuela, Jim Deal, Steve Steppe, Martin Dixon, Steven Garlits, Andy Whittington, Jana Deal, Steven Chun, Darlene Shepard, Betty Niswonger-Green, Brianne Steppe, Ersel E. Burgess, Phil Zent, John Philip Huber, Chuck Dugger, Wayne Parkins, Chris Sanders, David Wallen, T. J. Sneddon, Evan Deal, Susan Sneddon and Director Matt Huber.