We had a big problem after the concert! The driver somehow locked the door to the bus and couldn't get us inside. We suffered in the heat for what seemed an eternity until the intrepid Otto escorted us to a cast members' break room. This was interesting because several cast members came in for break and we all had a good visit. Steve Steppe played the video his wife Linda shot of our performance and we were quite pleased. Finally, Otto was back with good news. Our bus was open!

Otto boarded the bus and made a presentation of a very pretty commemorative plaque especially for the millennium edition of Magic Music Days. Members received Magic Music Days T-shirts and pins.

That evening the musicians once again headed for all ports in Disney. About half of us arrived at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney and enjoyed a wonderful waterfront meal. The usual pool party lasted well past midnight.  For the remainder of the week, our musicians and relatives helped the local economy along! Disney stock must be a solid investment!

Relaxing at the House of Blues.

All good things come to an end and we boarded our buses to the airport on Friday evening in the middle of a Florida monsoon. Our buses gave us some concern as the second bus was thirty minutes late in arriving at our hotel. The rookie driver was totally lost so we found ourselves "running through airports" to make our 9:45 p.m. flight back to Indy.

Our equipment received two wounds and a fatality on the return flight as Jim Deal's sax case was badly damaged and John Huber's drum case was cracked. Darlene Shepard's French horn was the big casualty as it was crunched big time. Hope someone has good insurance!

We arrived in Indy about 11:30 p.m. local time, found our cars, and trekked back to the world of reality. Our five days in Disney World were experiences we will all long remember. What a great group of people with which to travel and to enjoy the performance of music!


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