Our people fanned out in the direction of Beale Street each evening. With a group as large as the BCB delegation we constantly ran into each other on the glitzy three blocks of Beale Street and vicinity with its famous blues clubs and eateries such as B.B. King’s, The Rendezvous Charcoal Ribs, Dyer’s (famous for hamburgers supposedly fried in the original grease from 1912), Hard Rock Café and many others.

B.B. King’s was hit by many due to its notoriety of great music. The ribs were fantastic! Later in the evening, a guy with a banged up sousaphone went on stage and backed up the musicians, pumping out the bass line.

Our first concert was set for 11 a.m. Thursday morning at the Graceland venue in front of the Rockabilly Restaurant. As promised, chairs were provided and our people had to just walk from the Heartbreak Hotel over to the playing site. Those who brought caps were glad they did as the sun was hot and high. Our groupies and tourists awaiting tickets to Graceland were treated to a very fine concert, 45 minutes in duration, of “The Fourth of July”, “The Blue and the Gray”, “JTCB on Parade”, a parade of Sousa, Fillmore and Jewell marches and of course a medley of Elvis hits, “All Shook Up”.


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