Each musician received a gold record Elvis pin as a special souvenir of the event. The pins are a BCB tradition dating back to our Washington DC adventure in 1998. Marilyn Trout had special programs printed by the Brazil Times to hand out to the spectators. Band president and librarian Darlene Shepard once again took care of making sure all the music folders were ready to play.


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Our concert was very well received with Nina Morris congratulating us for a professional performance and the presentation of an official Graceland certificate of which each band member is to receive a copy as a keepsake. Our musicians played so very well and were joined by former BCB members Francis Massinon who is now Professor of French Horn at Austin Peay University in Tennessee along with his wife Bonnie and son Gabriel and also Phil Zent and his wife Ruth from northern Indiana. Phil is a retired band teacher who started his career in Brazil. He taught Francis, Bill McDonald, Darla Scherb and me way back in the 1960s. Sally Russell who now lives near Orlando, Florida also joined us.

After the concert, we were divided into three groups to tour Graceland. The groups were scheduled eight minutes apart starting at one p.m. Naturally, each couple or small group got their photo taken in front of a big poster of Graceland before boarding the shuttle bus which simply crossed the street and drove up the lane to deposit us at the front door of this fine home which more than one exclaimed did not appear as big as they had in mind. Similar thoughts were expressed when we toured the White House in 1998.