Once back to the Graceland venue area, we had the opportunity for more tours, thanks to Melanie securing us the Platinum Tour as part of our Heartbreak stay and performance. Elvis was a great lover of fine automobiles and in the car museum we saw breathtaking classics such as his famous pink Cadillac, Lincoln Continental and his two Rolls Royces - one black and one white.  We saw nearly every type of high end automobile from the 60s and 70s, motorcycles, and even his John Deere tractor.

After a fast drink, we finally toured his two private jets including the Lisa Marie. The larger airliner was customized with an office area, a bedroom, lounge and each seat had gold plated seatbelts.  Anyone who ever had visions of Graceland being shoddy, tacky or just a tourist trap surely had their minds adjusted after having the opportunity to visit this wonderful estate and tribute to one of the world’s most famous musicians.  We played for Sousa in ’98 and now we can say we played for Elvis.

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Everyone took off for Beale Street, just five miles to the north, again that evening.  The drive took us past beautiful homes overlooking the Mississippi River along Riverside Drive and then onto Beale Street. The first night there included the Wednesday night motorcycle drive in with literally hundreds of the finest bikes one could ever hope to see with the vast majority being Harley Davidson machines.  Thursday was country western night with thousands and thousands of people all over the area.

A few members of the group including Andy and Betty Whittington, John Huber and the Criss family drove to Clarksdale, Mississippi to see and hear where the Blues originated.  John, a recent ISU music major graduate, had studied a great deal about this genre of American music and was treated to the Clarksdale experience by the Whittingtons who have been there in the past.