Our group, which included Jerry, Liz , and Chris Taylor, Duane Caperton, and Amy Chandler, dined at Rendezvous Ribs where we saw several others including the Buz Burgess and Phil Zent party and the Shelley Criss and Sally Russell group. Rendezvous struck me as much as a museum as it did a restaurant with collectables of all sorts.  I admired the great collection of military rifles and headgear but what knocked me for a loop were the two German Luftwaffe officer’s swords brought back by a local WWII G.I. whose family recently gave them to the restaurant owner.  I’ve seen my share of German swords and this pair was the finest of all. I did get permission from the bartender to get close and personal with these treasures.  There was lively debate between members of the BCB about where to find the best ribs with B.B. King’s, Rendezvous and Pig on Beale receiving high marks.

Our trip back to the Heartbreak was delayed due to the Sousa Van dying on Crump Street. After many attempts to get going, we had to call AAA (Duane is a member and now so are we) to haul the van to a Firestone garage.  TJ  Sneddon came to our rescue and hauled us back in two groups.  The AAA wrecker guy was astute and sent us to the right place because by the next afternoon we were repaired and ready to go. It could have been far worse and we are very grateful that we had people with us such as Duane Caperton, the Taylors, the Sneddons, Dr. Bob Shobe, and David Wallen to make it all work out. TJ took us to Firestone early Friday morning to talk to the Firestone people and our cousins Poncho Brennan and Peggy Miller who came from Florida along with cousin Jane Brennan and our friends Jim and Gwen Simmons to see the band,  took us back Friday at five to pick up the van which was now in sound condition.  Other notable vehicular problems were the Massinons having a flat tire and John and Jean Penry’s car taking a rock to the windshield. We have two medical doctors in the BCB, Martin Dixon and Miranda Goodale, and two attorneys, Jim Deal and Bob Pell, and fortunately did not have to call upon their services.

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