Tuesday evening saw several band members at Pete Fountain's club. He even announced that the Brazil Concert Band was in town and dedicated "Back Home Again in Indiana" to the band. Clarinetist Joyce Stone was in the right place at the right time. She saw Fountain in the hallway and struck up a conversation during which she told him she plays clarinet in our band. Fountain reached into his pocket and handed Joyce a package of his own personal reeds. What a souvenir!

  Another favorite hangout was the ancient Preservation Jazz Hall. Several members made this a nightly visit. Buz Burgess, Kay Shaw and Jack Malone especially enjoyed Preservation Hall. The music was great and very much traditional New Orleans jazz. Buz was videotaped by us sitting on the front row within sliding distance of the trombone player.  By contrast, many of the clubs on Bourbon Street  no longer play the "good stuff".

  Wednesday was our biggest performance day with a concert scheduled at the ultimate World War II museum, the National D-Day Museum. This is the facility founded by  author Stephen Ambrose and so highly endorsed by NBC's Tom Brokaw. The building is a huge complex of former warehouses located on Magazine and Andrew Higgins Drive. Higgins was the inventor of the many styles of landing craft during World War II and his factories were located in New Orleans. World War II vets are treated with supreme respect at the this museum and are given special badges of honor to wear. Most of the volunteers at the museum are, indeed, World War II veterans.

Matt, D-Day Museum Hostess Gerrish Lopez, and Melanie

  Every one of us was overwhelmed by the displays ranging from personal effects of World War II veterans to actual aircraft, tanks, jeeps, landing craft, motorcycles and staff cars. Several sections of the museum feature personal narratives by D-Day veterans. A new section is about the war in the Pacific. A very nice cafe and a most complete gift/book store makes the D-Day Museum an all day visit.

  Our contact person over the past year was Gerrish Lopez. Ms. Lopez is in charge of special events and informed us we are only the second band to perform at the D-Day Museum.  Ms. Lopez also got us publicity in the New Orleans newspapers.  We were asked to perform last December as well by the director of the museum; however, holiday events made that one impossible for us to attend. After all, everyone in the Brazil Concert Band paid for this trip out of their own pockets. No donations were asked for and most of us  are just too old to be out on the streets selling pizzas and washing cars!



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